800 bags of firewood

Keeping Warm in Winter

More firewood for winter… We lost count offlaoding here! But it was 800 bags of firewood for FORTY families living in this location in the outskirts of Izmir, Turkey. Come dusk it was FREEZING. Families here had nothing but plastic and twigs from trees to burn. So when we cranked up the stove inside the …

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Winter is Here

It looks sunny, but winter is right here. We know what’s coming. We can try to avoid as best we can, the freezing cold nights. Sick kids. Whether living in a tent or a house, simple, basic wood heating makes a difference. Thanks to your donations, this truck load is for THIRTY families, around 200 …

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Dakhil and Levi

Solving Puzzles

I love this pic capturing a moment with Levi Lomey and Dakhil. Levi had picked up a silver 6 band puzzle ring from the old bizarre in Izmir and we were all having a go of trying to put it together but with no luck. It was Dakhil’s turn. Standing under the one light in …

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weather proof tents

New Shelter for Families in Need

One of the biggest problems families tell us when we visit is that their tent covers have holes and do not protect from the weather. More and more people continue to arrive from Syria, sometimes with nothing but the clothes they’re wearing.   Having spent large sums of money crossing from Syria to Turkey, many …

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Wedding Celebrations

Celebrating Togetherness

Here, at the end of the day, people have come together to dance and celebrate, for tomorrow there will be a wedding. Happy moments we all know and cherish. There are no walls or borders around the human spirit — photo Eduardo Velázquez Jurado



This adorable little girl is Naghm. She is the daughter of Hussein, a 25 year old Syrian friend who was studying English literature at university back home in Syria before fleeing to Turkey. The family now lives, like hundreds of others, in farm camps around Izmir, Turkey. The day the picture was taken, I and …

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Syrian Boy in rural Izmir


From the bottom of everyone’s hearts, a big THANK YOU to those supporting families through Ramadan and Eid ❤❤ Donations of any amount go a long way to help us buy food for the traditional community feasts. For example, 10kgs of tomatoes for salads only costs £1 in Turkey. That’s right £1!

Sunset in the camps

World Refugee Day

Today is world refugee day. Take a moment to think about the 20+ million refugees in the world today who have been forced to leave their countries and livelihoods behind. Today we think about what resilience and strength people have to go on after having lost so much. In new countries, new communities, new cultures, …

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It’s Ramadan

In this month of Ramadan, as the sunsets it will be the time for Iftar. Friends and family will gather to eat and celebrate the break of fast. Traditions are important for us all. We’ve been visiting Syrian families during Ramadan to share Iftar with a traditional feast. We’ll be doing the same during Eid …

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