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These are some of the photos we've collected of the amazing people YOU are helping, and the communities where they are rebuilding their lives. None of this would have been possible without you. So thank you, for giving support and showing that the world cares.

Turkey hosts the world's largest refugee population

Nearly 1 in 20 people living in Turkey today are refugees. That's almost 4 million people, the largest source from Syria. Most are women and children.

Where do refugees live in turkey?

It's a misconception that most live in government-run camps. Over 90% live in urban areas. It's enormous pressure for these communities. Over 300,000 refugees live in Izmir region, which has an overall population of 4.3 million. Thousands live on the city fringes working informally in agriculture.

It's a long road ahead

After years of war, many realise they will not return home. Families have chosen to, or are simply forced to stay in Turkey. It's an enormous, continual struggle to live day to day let alone return to previous standards of living. But in all of this, one thing is certain... people are resilient. There's an amazing strength, love and kindness, generosity and hospitality.

Where you're helping

Since 2016, you've been helping us make improvements to living conditions - building toilets, fixing drainage issues, pallets for flooring, new tents, providing firewood, flour and other appeals. Such basic improvements make a difference in the daily lives of hundreds of families caught stuck in survival mode.


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