education changes everything

Education is more than just learning to read and write. It gives a future with opportunities, and the freedom of choice.

Currently in its early stages, our non-formal school project provides a happy environment of classroom activities to support the development of self-confidence, literacy and language of Syrian children. We started out with one class of 15 children. And within the first month, as more families found out, we doubled the class to 30. The families we work with express a clear desire to send their children to school. We are working to overcome the obbstacles preventing them from doing it, to ensure children can realise their right to education.

Impact highlights

Jun – Aug 2018


students in regular attendance.


syrian teachers empowered to give classes full time.


Is the monthly cost to give education.

where we work

It’s estimated there are over 1.5 million school age Syrian refugees in Turkey. Access to education for refugees is slowly improving through integration in public schooling. But barriers such as having to work to support the family, language difficulties, and lack of transporation are keeping children out of school.

It's estimated nearly half of school age Syrian refugees are missing out on education.

In reality this number is much higher. In the farming areas where we focus our efforts, more than 90% are missing out on education. Most children do not have the level of Turkish, or confidence to integrate in public schools. The capacity of public schools in these areas is overstretched. And more support is needed to work with traumatised children. 

where you support

We’ve not long started, but since June 2018, you’ve been giving Syrian refugee children an opportunity to learn. These are some of the photos of learning in action. None of this would be possible without you. Thank you!