Home is more than a house

What does home mean to you? Far from their homes, refugees in Turkey find shelter where they can and find ways to pay rent. Life as a refugee can be extremely hard. Imagine having to start a new life from scratch, a new home, and living without heating, or with no basic toilet, or showering outside in a bucket. In the middle of winter.

It's an enormous, continual struggle to live day to day let alone return to previous standards of living.

Our Help for Home Project is based on simple things that improve people’s living conditions. Things like building toilets to improve sanitation, providing firewood in winter, providing tents, food and other basic needs. Small steps can make a big difference in people’s wellbeing, homes become happier. And by working together we build community and give people the dignity they deserve.

Impact highlights

As of June 2018


projects for better living conditions, benefitting 550 families.


Families with New metal framed weatherproof shelters.


Toilet builds, improving sanitation & health for 300+ families.


25kgs bags of firewood, better health & reducing burning of plastic.

where we work

Few refugees live in government-funded camps. In fact, over 90% live in urban areas. It’s enormous pressure for these communities. We work in the region of Izmir (population 4.3 million), which continues to host more than 300,000 refugees. 

It's a long road ahead

After years of war, many realise they will not return home. Families have chosen to, or are simply forced to stay in Turkey. Thousands of refugees have settled in small rural villages around the city of Izmir’s fringes starting new lives, new homes.

Many families live in tents, made from what materials they can find or afford. Or find homes where they can, in substandard conditions, even in animal yards, paying extortionate rents. With limited resources, daily life as a refugee is a continual struggle.

where you support

Since 2016, you’ve been helping build happier homes and improve the daily lives of hundreds of families caught stuck in survival mode. These are some of the photos of our time working together in the communities. None of this would be possible without you. Thank you!