weather proof tents

New Shelter for Families in Need

One of the biggest problems families tell us when we visit is that their tent covers have holes and do not protect from the weather. More and more people continue to arrive from Syria, sometimes with nothing but the clothes they’re wearing.   Having spent large sums of money crossing from Syria to Turkey, many families cannot afford to rent houses, or even buy their own tent. We meet families who live cramped with other relatives in a tent, sometimes 15 people sharing in the size of 5m x 4m tent.

The hot, dry summer really ended here this week, with torrential rains last night.

Of the 300 or so families living in tents around here that we’ve met, close to 100 tents are in desperate need to be replaced. Most people can only afford to buy the cheapest plastic, which only lasts for up to 2 months.

Thanks to your donations, we’re replacing these shelters with the highest quality covers and metal frames, which are long lasting and weather proof.